We install:

  • Concrete Bullet Edging (MOST POPULAR)
  • Aluminum Edging
  • Natural Edging
  • Clay Brick Edging
  • Natural Stone Edging
  • Plastic Edging (LEAST POPULAR)

Concrete Bullet Edging

Kings Bullet Edgers Our Stock Kings Bullet Edger to match our Allan Block, Keystone, and Kings products
Interlock Bullet Edgers Interlock Bullet Edgers for matching Interlock and Rockwood products

We also have access to other bullet edgers to match your corresponding hardscape brand.

Concrete Curb Edging

Belgard Anglia Edger Belgard Anglia Edger
Belgard Celtic Curb Belgard Celtic Curb

Aluminum Edging

Aluminum Edging is for the very clean look.  After your lawn gets growing you will hardly notice it's there!  It works great around bends and slight grade elevation changes.  It comes in black, aluminum, green, and bronze colors and we usually use the 1/8 to 3/16" thickness at a 5.5" height.   

Natural Edging

Natural Edging is the lowest cost option for providing an edge to your landscaped areas.  Although it does require more maintenance as the lawn can creep into the landscape areas.  When using mulch the weed barrier is left out and the bed may need redefining once a year.

Plastic Edging

Plastic edging is rarely used these days.  Most of the time this is what we are tearing out of a landscape and replacing with something better.  Most of the issues we see with this is the top round part of the edging getting cut off with the lawn mower.  Although if installed properly it will stay in the ground just fine.

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