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Rough grading, fine grading--we do it all!  Many types and sources for dirt are used in addition to our own high quality black dirt harvested from our 35 acre farm.  Along with a variety of equipment and attachments used to grade your yard to the correct elevation and slope. 

Seeding Projects

We use different seed blends based on your geographic location, sun or shade area, and site conditions. 



Our most common sunny area lawn seed mixture, called Lawn Care Mixture, contains:

 Our Lawn Care Mixture adapts well to a wide variety of turf applications. The bluegrass varieties display excellent sun and shade tolerance as well as good color, density, and disease resistance.  Perennial ryegrasses have excellent color, good rate of establishment and high Endophyte (E) natural insect resistance.  We use Lawn Care Mixture on home and commercial lawns, cemeteries and campuses for sunny locations.



Our most common shade area lawn seed mixture, called Super Shade, contains:

  • Sheep Fine Fescue, Hard Fine Fescue, Whisper Blue Fine Fescue, J5 Chewings Fine Fescue and Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

 Super Shade is a versatile blend of fine fescues.  It performs admirably in medium to dense shade areas, however, will do very well in low maintenance environmentally sensitive areas.  Areas include home lawns, parks, reclamation, roadsides, cemeteries, golf course roughs and commercial sites.  Little to no maintenance is generally the key to enhancing fine fescue performance.




We almost always use some type of seed cover to protect seed from:

  • Frost--can burn or kill off young seedlings
  • Hot sun--dries up soil and seeds
  • Wind--can carry seeds away and dry out seed bed
  • Heavy rains--can wash seeds and soil away especially on sloped areas

We use the following types of seed cover:

Sod Projects

We use 100% Bluegrass sod that comes in small rolls or flats laid by hand or large rolls laid with a machine.  Nothing beats an instantly green yard!

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